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Child support Child support

The amount of child support to be paid can often be a source of contention between you and the other parent involved. Victor E Vouga Attorney at Law is dedicated to ensure the amount being paid is equitable between both parties, and covers costs of your child’s care, education, and basic expenses involved in raising a child.

  • Monthly net income of each parent

  • Any special needs that the child may have

  • Parenting time of the noncustodial parent

  • Day care costs

  • Health insurance costs

Child support is based on:

  • Paternity establishment

  • Child support modifications

  • Child support disputes

  • Child support back payments

  • Child visitations

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Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines are designed to provide as much financial stability as possible for your child.  Once ordered, child support  must be paid until your child reaches the age of 18 and is graduated from high school.  In some circumstances with children who have serious health issues, support can continue beyond their 18th birthday.

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